septiembre 19, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – septiembre 20, 2019 @ 10:00 pm
ITM Thai Hand
Piri Reïsplein 70
1057 HB Amsterdam
Países Bajos
691 059 691
Ruessi Datton course: The Guardians Routine ("Tratitional Thai Yoga") @ ITM Thai Hand | Madrid | Comunidad de Madrid | España

Intensive face-to-face part of Ruessi Datton course: The Guardians Routine

  • Thursday and Friday, 19 & 20 September, from 18:00 to 22:00

Learn Ruessi Datton, a healthy ancient self care practice developed by wise hermits during thousand of years in Thailand. The Routine of the Guardians comes from Wat Po templo, dedicated during the last centuries to study, preserve and trasmit these useful knowledges which improve our Quality of Life.

In addition to self-treatment, exercises are very useful used by massage therapists to recommend to their clients so that they can increase the assimilation of the improvement derived from their treatments.

The Guardians Routine includes:

  • Didactic material
  • 8 classroom hours so you can use this Routine with safety and benefits by your own. Learn techniques, details, precautions, uses, historical and current context…
  • 12 hours of practice reviewed:
  • Ruessi Datton case studies
  • Grupal class online, participatory
  • Personal online tutoring for each participant
  • Exam, to be requested once all the above is fulfilled
  • Tutesanas certification upon passing the exam and right to process its official Thai equivalent

Once you have your Tutesanas degree, you can apply for an original Thai degree, after paying the corresponding fees.

Taught by: Miguel Laborda Bartolomé

Take the exam when you are ready. You can repeat the course with Tutesanas and with ITM Thai Hand, as many times as you want, paying only the re-attendance fee. Check the advantages of studying in Tutesanas.

Ruessi Datton uses very old techniques and knowledge for the self-care of any person, which can also be done in company. Exercises relieve tension while stretching, placing and strengthening your body, while increasing control over breathing and self awareness.