Thai Yoga Massages

Influenced by Ayurveda, this massage moves, stretches and synchronizes your whole body

Assisted Yoga, Passive Yoga

All you need to do is just relax, our masseurs will do the rest

Deep Acupressure Massages

The best techniques to activate your circulation and synchronize your body from within

More effective than infrared and ultrasound

It is scientifically proven that these techniques are not only more effective, their effects also last longer


The art of healing your body in distant body parts by activating reflexology points

Your whole body will be your ally

Our whole body massages activate your entire body, by relieving any tensions and blockages you might have. Its immediate benefit on the coordination of your circulatory, nervous, endocrine, lymphatic and respiratory system will do the rest.

Study without stress

As the best will only come out of you if you can learn without any haste or pressure

Repeat the courses as you want

Any number of times, at no additional cost, and take the exam only when you are ready for it.
Tutesanas engages to offer you an education, not “x” hours of classes

International Certificates

The skills and techniques you learn at Tutesanas are internationally recognized

Original from Thailand

We are endorsed by the Thai schools ITM (International Training Massage) and Thai Traditional Medical Services Society


Doing things right has its benefits and brought us friends with same high quality standards

ITM Thai Hand Amsterdam and Berlin

The leading Thai massage school in the Netherlands and Germany, where you can also repeat all the courses you have studied with us for free and continue your education (and viceversa).

Take care of your health with


Enjoy massages and courses with Tutesanas, the Traveller School, and ITM Thai Hand

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